Our Brands

ThePiggyGoat is an e-commerce platform that is focused on beauty, healthcare & baby products, catering to both the consumer market as well as distribution network for small businesses.

The brand is coined after the chinese zodiac signs of both founders in 2012. 

ThePiggyGoat is a trademark of Noname Marketing Pte. Ltd. 

Noname Birdnest as the name implies, is an e-commerce platform selling premium birdnest from Indonesia and Malaysia. 

Besides selling to local Singapore market, we also ship to China through our partners based there.

Noname Birdnest is a trademark of Noname Marketing Pte. Ltd. 

Claviio Technologies is an engineering service provider, dealing with RF connectors, RF cables, RF switches and related accessories.

The word “Claviio” and its associated logo(s) are registered trademarks of Claviio Technologies & Engineering Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Noname Cafe is a takeaway F&B outlet, specialising in Cold-Pressed Fruit Juices & Crispy Waffles made using in-house recipe.

Noname Cafe is located at MacPherson Downtown Line MRT Station, beside passenger service centre.

Noname Cafe is a trademark of Noname Marketing Pte. Ltd and operated under Noname Cafe Pte. Ltd.